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Game News
Welcome to the home of Onyx, EQ2 Guild of Blackburrow

We are currently recruiting all classes/levels.
Mains and/or Alts welcome.

Here at Onyx we live by a few simple rules, one rule being that we are all adults, or at least most of us are adults. That being the case we treat one another with respect, and always attempt to help one another with various quests, or even simple tasks such as finding the door to their own house.

On another note, we are not what you would call a family friendly guild. We do not pretend to be politically correct, and if your feelings are easily hurt, you will be eaten by the great taco. So without further delay and rambling on our part, welcome to Onyx, we hope you enjoy your stay.

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Guild News

Being 31

etoxican, Dec 30, 10 3:32 AM.
As many of you know, we hit level 30 some time ago and are now the proud owners of a Tier 1 Guild hall. I say that level 31 is not enough! I say we must grind, and grind, and grind, and lick eachother until such time as we reach level 32! Whose with me?!

Level 28

etoxican, Oct 24, 10 5:18 PM.
Yes! Our guild has hit level 28 and that's just TWO LEVELS away from owning a guild hall! Thanks for hanging in there everyone, we're absolutely dibilertated that you've spent so much time building status and making the guild a better place!

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

etoxican, Oct 10, 10 2:31 PM.
Welcome to Onyx! 
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Onyx is currently recruiting the following:
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Berserker (10)
Bruiser (10)
Guardian (10)
Monk (10)
Paladin (10)
Shadowknight (10)
Coercer (10)
Conjuror (10)
Illusionist (10)
Necromancer (10)
Warlock (10)
Wizard (10)
Defiler (10)
Fury (10)
Inquisitor (10)
Mystic (10)
Templar (10)
Warden (10)
Assassin (10)
Brigand (10)
Dirge (10)
Ranger (10)
Swashbuckler (10)
Troubador (10)
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